The Mind-Body Connection and the Symbolism of Pain

Those who are bound to traditional medicine, also known as allopathic medicine, look at the human body very differently from those in complementary or alternative medicine. Those in the allopathic field rarely view the body as a whole organism. This is demonstrated by medical doctors so specialized they lose the awareness that the human person is more than just a body. There is no longer a sense of the inter-connectedness, the inter-relationship, the oneness of the physical body. What has also been lost is the sense of oneness of consciousness within the physical body.

In Western medicine there are very few who understand the energy field in relationship to the physical body. Chiropractors know you can have a knee problem that exhibits its symptoms in the hip. The two are related and connected. Many times there are medical doctors who just work on the knee and, therefore, they miss the connection. That actually happened with my mother. Chiropractic care works on the whole skeletal structure and not just on the knee.

In addition, the mind-body perspective of health sees the emotional connection to what is happening in the physical aspect of yourself. For instance, a problem in the hip can be symbolic of the person having difficulty moving forward in his or her life. A problem in the knee can symbolize a lack of flexibility. Becoming aware of the fear of moving a different direction in life, and resolving that fear, can literally assist the hip in healing.

This symbolic relationship can be seen with any part of the body. I once worked with a woman who had tremendous pain in her shoulders. She received massages and chiropractic care and the pain went away for a time and then returned. I taught her to focus on the tense muscle and to actually converse with them. In this process, she discovered that she was “carrying” her son on her shoulders. He was having a difficult time and she was very worried about him. When she came to realize that she could support him by being there for him, but she didn’t need to carry him, she was able to literally “breathe out” the tension. She experienced instant relief.

When you are having pain in a particular part of your body, talk to it. I know it sounds silly, but give it a try. Ask it why it is hurting? You very well may find the answer to relieving the pain is held within the discomfort. You then have a choice of whether or not to make changes in your life or be in physical discomfort.