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"Reading is to the Mind What Exercise is to the Body", Said Richard Steele

Reading helps in every sphere of our lives as it enriches our mind as well as develops our personality. In the growing world of internet, still there are vast majority of people who still consider reading books essential. My personal opinion goes on the same direction. Reading is a means of language acquisition of communication, and of sharing information and ideas. Reading to young children is a recommended way to instill language and expression, and to promote comprehension of text. It is an important skill and it is very important for us to develop this skill in children since childhood, for an excellent brain and personality development.

Books are a great source of ideas, big and small. We all read something or the other but for different purposes. It varies from person to person just as the reading choices vary from one another. Some people read to develop more knowledge, to be entertained and laugh, to engage and interact. Reading is typically an individual activity and a very personal. It helps in personal development of an individual. We read very often to escape from the tensions and stress of life, to address boredom and the inexorable progress of time. It is an excellent way to learn, know other’s opinions, to be informed, to understand others (individually and culturally), to get inspired and communicate better and to see things from a different perspective. It helps us to research and keep up-to-date with society, and even connect with like-minded people. It gives us an opportunity to travel to different landscapes and, sometimes through different periods in time. It’s an escape certainly, but more than that, it’s a voyage as seen through another’s eyes. It often help us enjoy and love the different situations, people and places and cultures. It is amazing to read books written by authors from years and years ago.

People who love reading have a fixed time for reading in their busy routine. It helps them to relax and escape from the stress of our day-to-day lives. It can transport us to another time or place and it is a great feeling of seeing or doing or experiencing something different. People have special reading corner for themselves and some people give importance to reading in silence and have separate reading room and some people love to read with light music and even some people read before sleeping. Many people love reading in bathroom because they feel it is one of the few rooms in the home where privacy is routinely respected. A child may burst into a parent’s bedroom unannounced, or a spouse may share time in a den or living room, but the bathroom is generally considered the home’s Fortress of Solitude.

Reading Books has always had advantages to other things in life whether using internet or watching television. It also is the most common interest of the people who rise in life and the most important reason of success in the life of people.

Magical Mind, Magical Body by Deepak Chopra

For many experts in the mind-body movement, Deepak Chopra is considered one of its well-respected leaders and for good reasons, too. An endocrinologist by profession, Dr. Chopra has published numerous books and discussed with various audiences about the subject such that millions of individuals have now and continues to benefit from it. One of these books is the aptly-titled Magical Mind, Magical Body.

When listening to this audio book, which also comes in a PDF worksheet format, you will not be taught about how to do magic things with your mind and body ala David Copperfield and the like. Instead, you will be taught how the mind greatly influences the body such that the health of one is the health of the other. When you have eliminated the negative thoughts in your mind on one hand and listened to the body’s signals on the other hand, you can greatly improve on your health.

The ideas espoused in the audio book Magical Mind, Magical Body are not new since the ancient great thinkers have stated similar concepts about the connection between the mind and body. The main difference is that it is only in recent times when the mind-body connection has gained a more solid footing in modern consciousness because of the emerging scientific evidence in its favor. And with the likes of Dr. Deepak Chopra, grounded as he is in modern medicine, advocating the concept, we can expect to see this ancient concept becoming part and parcel of modern daily life.

We have been talking about the mind-body connection so much that it deserves an explanation so that readers of the Magical Mind, Magical Body will not be grasping at straws the first time these ideas are heard. As Dr. Chopra explains it, our bodies are the three-dimensional projection of our minds especially considering that our brains – the seat of our mind – are part and parcel of our bodies.

Thus, whatever your mood, emotions and thoughts may be, it greatly influences every cell, tissue and organ in the body. Or to put it more precisely, our bodies are the active participants in our minds. Each and every one of us then is a vessel of flowing intelligence just waiting to be harnessed for good purposes.

The connection between the mind and body is almost magical as to be very powerful. You will find passages in the Magical Mind, Magical Body audio book that discuss how the mind can sway the body and spirit in either direction – joyful or sorrowful, angry or at peace, dynamic or sluggish. Once you have harnessed the power of the mind, you have opened the world into unlimited happiness, health and success. (We can definitely believe that point if the life of Deepak Chopra as we know it is to be the basis)

You will be taught how to tap into the mind using Chopra’s unique combination of ancient Ayurvedic wisdom on one hand and modern medical principles on the other hand. Chopra is, after all, also steeped in modern medicine. So, we suggest buying the Magical Mind, Magical Body audio book that, at just $65 for 6 CDs, will be the most important investment you can ever have toward a more fulfilling life.

A Sauna Bath Every Day is Good For Your Body and Mind – Research

A sauna bath every day is good to help make your body to feel better and more soothed, and help ease your troubles and woes. A sauna sweat bath uses dry heat to give you that relaxed feeling. A sauna bath a day is good for your body because it raises the temperature of your body internally to around 38 degrees Celsius and your skin temperature to 40 degrees Celsius. Your body thinks you are sick and have a fever so your body starts healing and if you are not sick then you are healing stuff that usually gets ignored when you are sick. This also makes your immune system stronger because it is getting practice at healing your body, and it also start making more white blood cells, interferon, and antibodies.

Steam is a great way to get rid of laryngitis and bronchitis, even sinus problems. For other problems like circulation and tension in the muscular and nervous system. If you sit in a sauna for twenty minutes your heart rate can be increases by fifty to seventy five percent. Which would be the same thing as if you were to physically exercise. Which can help your lose more weight, you will also start growing more muscle because of the natural hormone growth hormone boost. And if you suffer from arthritis pain like I do it can even help ease and relieve that. A sauna bath every day is good for people suffering from painful joint movement, like rheumatoid arthritis.

A sauna bath after every time you exercise or have a lot of physical exertion, your muscles will be more relaxed and you will even give you more muscle growth. A sauna bath a day can make you lose 300 calories, or make that piece of cake that you ate not such a guilt. You will be able to lose weight by just using a sauna or adding a sauna bath every day to your normal regimen.

All that sweating you are doing gets rid of all the toxins, which make you sick. Toxins are unhealthy for our bodies. Your skin will be cleansed and more beautiful than you have ever seen before. You skin will glow and have a healthy look, trust me people will notice.

No matter what your age (older than three months) it is safe and effective. A baby that has chest congestion can be like a horrible crying monster, but after it sits a little while with you in the sauna you will both be feeling better. It even relieves the discomfort caused by the common cold.

A sauna bath a day is good for your body and mind as you can see, so it is just a matter of purchasing one and making it a habit of using it frequently.

Hara Meditation – How to Build Strength and Energy in Your Body and Mind

Hara is a Japanese word meaning ‘the centre’. It is the physical centre point of your body and resides just below the belly button. Hara is also the energetic centre in your body. In Oriental Medicine, the Hara area, which is the whole abdomen, is also a major diagnostic region. All organ and meridian imbalances can be diagnosed from the Hara. Hara strength is developed by building Qi, through breath, exercise and meditation.

Hara strength cannot be seen from the outside. It is perceived as a deep inner strength, with a peaceful demeanour. When the Hara is strong, a person will be flexible yet stable, grounded firmly in reality, while emanating an alertness of spirit. A person strong in the Hara will be intuitive and able to follow their ‘gut’ reaction. This kind of intuition is fully centered in the body. It is not a mind sense. Rather it is a physical/body knowing that is not dominated by thought processing.

Children naturally come from their Hara. They are centred in the body and at ease with it. They naturally move from this centred space, and you can see that they are connected in body and mind. However, observe a young child who is thinking or worrying about something, and watch her lose balance! Off centre and out of the now moment, a child will find it difficult to maintain physical equilibrium.

As children grow, this natural physical centre is superceded by the development of the mind function and thought, which eventually, in most individuals becomes the dominant feature. So what happens to Hara? As we grow and focus more on the development of the mind, we begin to lose awareness of this other way of processing and responding to information. We lose touch with the part of ourselves that gives us a sense of connection to other human beings and indeed all other forms of life.

In indigenous cultures worldwide, the people still have this connection. They live from the Hara. The way in which they respond to their environment is one, that in most cases, expresses their innate connection to the whole of life. They know this intuitively and physically. Their way of life necessitates this way of being. Living in balance with the rest of nature is a requirement for survival.

Oriental martial arts and meditation practices, focus on the development of Hara in their training. Here, the building and storing of Qi is fundamental to the development of Hara strength.

So what relevance does this information hold for you?

If you would like to have an inner strength that helps you to remain focused and balanced when faced with a physical challenge, then building Hara strength will assist you. If it is strength of mind that you need, once again, building Hara strength will help.

The ability to remain calm in difficult emotional circumstances? A strong Hara will be of immense value.

The Wu Tao dances will help you to focus on and develop your Hara. Through the use of the breath, meditation, visualisation and the physical movements, you will build up your store of Qi energy in your Hara. It will be there to call on in moments of physical, emotional and mental challenge.

For example: When you begin to feel the beginnings of a cold (called wind invasion in Chinese Medicine), you can use your breath, to help circulate your Qi, sending it out to your skin, to help it fight off the cold.

When facing an emotionally stressful situation, you can allow yourself to rest in your Hara, maintaining a peaceful openness and let the emotions move through you without becoming caught and attached to them. Physically, you can use Hara strength whenever you would use your physical strength. Try taking a lid off a jar that is difficult while focussing on being centred in your Hara, or chopping wood or lifting a heavy item.

Being focused in the Hara is a meditation. It is the source of all strength and is the point where all aspects of your being come together. A physical centre, it grounds the spirit, allowing it to radiate and express its truth, and gives the mind a calm place in which to focus.

Basic Hara breathing Technique.

This can be done while standing, walking or sitting or lying down. If you want, lightly rest your hands on your Hara.

Start by breathing in and out slowly. Focus on letting go of any tension as you release your breath. When you are ready, begin to breathe and visualise a big golden ball of energy or light in your Hara, just below your belly button. As you breathe in, imagine the ball expanding, as you bring your breath right down into your Hara. As you breathe out, visualise the ball contracting slightly and becoming very solid and heavy. Focus on holding onto some of the Qi in your Hara as you release your breath. Continue this process until you feel centred and focused in your Hara.

To learn other ways to build your Qi visit

Women’s Beauty Is An Indescribable Subject

How do you measure a women’s beauty? By her character, by her profession, by her goals or by her looks? Each has its significance and every element is taken into consideration. It is the case with men too. They are judged or witnessed by their breeding, work and their character. Beauty is something that comes from within your body. It is connected with the soul that God has formed inside us Some enhancers from outside can magnify them but the real thing remains inside and only a special soul can ooze that out and spread it in the world.

Some radiate happiness in their smiles. Their smile is so beautiful that eases the upset person and feels elated and relaxed. Their aura is so magnificent and soothing that it calms the burning soul and sends peace within. We make such friends for lifetime and in our fields, these working angels help in our difficulties. We have our parents, our birth givers whose aura portrays eternal peace and love.

Women love from their hearts. I am stressing on the feminine aspect here because they are often underrated. They wish you the best of everything. If you need a testimony, look at your mother, your wife, your daughter,or your female friend. Every time you cry, they sit beside you, offer silent prayers, and shed tears to give solace. “Everything will be all right. I will lay my life for you my dear. You do not have to worry.”After these, who would not think that he has still something left inside? Greatest of the great warriors have been on their knees when a female brave heart came to their aid.

Kind hearts offer the greatest friendship. They will never leave their other-half at the needy times and will not hesitate to destroy the ill will. So much has been written on this subject that we are getting short of words we just need to understand relationship with any human being should stand on the pillars of hope, sacrifice, faith and love.

It is not wrong to complain about distances. We are but a foolish mortal and we need our loved ones to be close. We need to see them, feel their presence, and feel loved by their actions. It is not and never is a bad thing. Whoever it is, should always give some time to the person waiting for him or her on the other side of the continent. A person can never be that busy that he cannot spare a single minute to let you know about his condition.

Prayers and wishes do work for women. Nevertheless, she needs to be comforted from a physical aspect too. When she longs for the company of her friend or her mate, he or she needs to be around. It is not possible every time, but once in a day for a minute she needs to feel that, “I am special for someone in this world. And, no matter what, he will be with me here when I am in need.

Women are spiritual advisers. They will drag you back from your area of disappointment and help you reach the pinnacle of success. They will make the impossible possible confronting with the worst situations. They are not equal to men but far more superior and sensitive.

4 Healthy Alternative Things You Can Do While On Holiday

When most people are on holiday all they think about is eating and relaxing. While this will get you out of your regular life routine, you shouldn’t be like everyone else. To help you out, here are some of the things you can do while on your holiday:

Join a detox program

Detoxification is the art of removing harmful substances from your body. There are many ways in which you can detoxify your body. You can use detoxifying massages, scrubs, body wraps and even diet. It’s up to you to choose the best method that will give you the desired results. If you are living in a hotel for your holidays, you should ask the hotel attendants whether they have a detoxification program. If they don’t, you should ask of any other providers within the local area where you can get the services from.

When you detoxify your body you get rid of harmful substances thus reducing your chances of causing a disease. You also feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. For a great experience, you should join a reputable program.

Join an exercise program

Most hotels have an exercise program where they employ professional athletes to train interested guests. If you are in a hotel offering this service, you are in luck as you will get the services at a very small fee. The exercise program can be as simple as a running, aerobics, or weight lifting program. Some hotels even offer a wide range of these programs and all you need to do is join the one you are used to or the one you like. Instead of lying lazily on the beach you should join the program and burn calories. You also get to meet people of similar interests.

Attend yoga

Even if you have never attended a yoga class before, attending yoga while on holiday has plenty of benefits to you. Some of the many benefits of yoga are:

  • Increased flexibility
  • Weight reduction
  • Protection from injury
  • Increased bone and muscle strength
  • Improved vitality, respiration, and energy
  • Properly balanced metabolism
  • Good cardio and circulatory health
  • Improved mental alertness
  • Improved concentration

Different professionals provide different types of yoga. If you have never done yoga before you should join the most basic program offered in your hotel. If you are used to yoga and there are no programs in your residence, you should do it on your own-all you need to do is get a yoga mat and find a comfortable place to practice.

Undertake a spa treatment

There are many types of spa treatments you can undertake. The most common are: massage, body wraps, saltly glows, pedicures, and manicures. While these treatments make you look good, they also have the added advantage of making you feel good about yourself. For example, the massage eases the tension in your muscles. After the massage, you feel relaxed and ready to take on the world. Facials leave your face glowing as they remove the dead, bad looking skin. They also get rid of free radicals that put you at the risk of developing cancer.


The next time you are on holiday you shouldn’t limit yourself to only enjoying the sunny beaches and eating your meals as there are many more beneficial things you can do.

Mind Body Connection – Dealing With Vertigo

Several years ago I suffered with bouts of vertigo. This out of balance disturbance was like spending the day literally on the tilt a whirl at a carnival, except the ride never stopped. The first time this happened to me I got out of bed and ran into the wall, the room and the floor were both spinning. I spent the rest of the day laying flat on my back afraid to move my head for fear this inside turbulence would begin again.

It took several tests and two doctors to determine that I had vertigo. In medical terms this is a condition that poses no real health threat and is unexplained. Unfortunately the medication did little for me except to make me drowsy and dizzy. Like many things in life I learned to compensate when vertigo struck, I did not move my head quickly, did not look up or down, and kept my eyes straight ahead. When a coworker suggested that perhaps my vertigo did not have only a physical cause I began to explore other possibilities.

Her comment was well aimed, at the time I was like Cinderella living with the two wicked stepsisters. My two teenage daughters were a constant challenge. They were like a wrestling tag team, one would go in weakening my resolve and then just when I thought I had a game plan they would switch off. I was definitely out of balance, both literally and figuratively.

Medical science searches for the causes of cancer, autoimmune disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome and a host of other conditions, yet it often ignores one of the most pervasive factors leading to illness, the hidden stresses embedded in our daily lives. As I read through countless books about the mind body connection I began to see that what I might need more than a new drug was some insight and emotional self-awareness.

I began to track my episodes of vertigo and bingo they coincided with conflicts I had with my daughters. The first was a classic. My oldest daughter had just quit her summer job in order to go to the 1999 Woodstock concert. She would return in time to pack up for college. She seemed to have little concern about the missed income from more summer employment. That bothered me but what bothered more was the concert itself. Four days of what seemed to me total debauchery. I handed her a bucket and a roll of toilet paper and said have fun. The entire time she was gone I tormented myself by viewing the web cam at the concert, it seemed to be a reunion of the best of the wildest and I was miserable knowing my daughter was joining in this event.

It took me awhile to make the connections but I realized that emotionally I was tangling up my daughter’s decisions with my own self worth and I was left with a heavy knot. I felt the weight of judgment that I believed was coming. I deflected family conversations about her without realizing that putting so much energy into denying and hiding things was costing me my personal sense of balance, I was stumbling, I was twirling and could not even look up or down.

Thankfully time, self-reflection and a decision to let love be my guide have assisted in my personal evolution. I also found an excellent ear, nose and throat doctor and between the two vertigo is a thing of the past.

I recently recounted this story to my younger daughter who is now a medical student. She marvels at the mysterious mind body connections that have been revealed to her in gross anatomy lab. She said that proof of this could be found in studying the erection of the male penis. All it takes is a thought transmitted to the primitive brain for blood to rush and engorge the penis. How all this happens is really a medical mystery because the physical change begins with a thought.

Do we really need more proof to know that our emotions and thoughts have a powerful influence on the health of our body?

It’s not just what we do but what and how we think. I have encountered many women who have experienced vertigo. As I share my story I ask them to reflect on this; who or what is keeping you out of balance? I don’t know why this condition seems to afflict more females. Perhaps it’s because as mothers our self-image is mirrored through our children. It’s hard to find balance that way. Maybe what we need is a mirror that focuses on more than just a reflection of ourselves.

What Is the True Essence of Dance?

In general, dance is considered a kind of art in which it involves movements of the body along with the rhythm of the music. The type of movements will just depend on the type of dance, of course. Well, there have been different types of dance which are consistently performed in many people around the world which may also vary with cultures. In the Philippines, they have the so called “folk dance” that has been constantly performed in events concerning their traditions as Filipinos. Moreover, the African people are used to perform interpretative dance wherein they express the life of their community rather than the life of an individual alone. Another perfect example of this, is the ballet dance originated in Italy and later developed in Russia as well as in France. It has been taught by many ballet schools around the globe today, yet it absolutely requires skill to sustain mastery. A professional ballet teacher should have an excellent knowledge about it, since it involves techniques and strategies to perform it perfectly. In fact, ballet makes the foundation of the dance.

Do you know what’s new? New kinds of dance are now widely executed by many young people these days and they are so passionate about it. It include hip hop dance, modern dance, pop dance, break dancing, belly dancing, ballroom dancing, tango, etc. I think that every person has a deep reason why he/she is dancing; some may consider it as spiritual or emotional expression, some are expressing themselves either they are happy or sad because it is really true that dancing is the hidden language of your soul. It may be one of the best ways to express what you really feel, your desires and sometimes tells a story. I consider dance as a form of non verbal communication to others wherein you can’t tell them verbally. The true essence of this is really the EXPRESSION and your EMOTION. I should say that all people may dance in their own different ways.

If you do not know how to do certain steps, it does not mean that you are not a dancer. Sometimes it will just require you a lot of practice and dedication. Remember that practice makes perfect if you are just willing to learn! Always stay motivated and inspired all the time. To be a good dancer, just be yourself. Take a deep breath; feel the beat, the flow and the rhythm of the music and then you can now take one, two and three steps. Just do it continuously and learn that from the expert- Me!

Psychic Attack: Spiritual Purification and Cord Cutting

Energy stealers are everywhere! They are your family members, your friends and they are your co-workers and YOU may even be one yourself. A more common name is a Psychic Vampire and we all know what vampires do! In this case the vampire is sucking our vital energy, depleting us and causing us to become unhealthy emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Spiritual purification and cord cutting are some tools that can keep the vampires away!

What does the term ‘Psychic Vampire’ mean anyway? A psychic vampire is a person that steals other people’s energies because they are living their life in victim consciousness and believe that everything happens ‘to’ them. Living in this manner is very dis-empowering. Therefore in order for them to feel better about themselves they need to attach themselves to another person’s energy field. In order for this ‘vampire’ to attach themselves to your energy body, they form cords attaching the two of you together. When they need a boost, they unconsciously steal your energy instead of using their own! These cords are also like highways and run both ways! That means that you will also receive their energy whether it is positive or negative.

If they have a headache, you may also develop a headache. It they are depressed, you may become depressed. If they are angry, you may become angry and so on. As you can see this can be very detrimental to your health. At an unconscious level, you have allowed the vampire or vampires to attach themselves to your energy body through these cords. These cords are not visible to the naked eye but they can be seen with the psychic third eye. These cords prevent you from really being the real you! It is imperative that these cords be severed and sometimes a spiritual purification is required for your well-being and also for the growth of the other person.

How do we recognize a Psychic Vampire? Some traits of the dis-empowered energy stealer are:

– feels lonely or abandoned

– feels they have been rejected

– needs constant reassurance

– never feels satisfied

– doesn’t like to be alone

– seeks nurturing or feels they need to be taken care of

– low energy and fatigued

– they have a poor me attitude

– is a drama king or queen

– constant talker that never allows you to speak

– needs you to be their therapist or rescuer fixing their problems

– the blamer making you feel guilty about things

– vindictive by putting you down

– a person that is unhappy a lot

– tries controlling you or your life

– manipulates you to get things their way

How do I know if I am being psychically attacked?

– dizziness

– loss of energy

– muscle tension

– mental confusion

– headaches

– chronic fatigue

– sleep disturbances

– irritability

– depressed mood

– physical illness

– small diminishing aura

– leaks, holes and/or tears in your aura

– and a whole lot more!

I know, you are now thinking that is almost everyone alive! Unfortunately, too many people are simply not aware of their energetic bodies and how they operate. Once people start taking responsibility for creating their own lives and taking back their personal power this will not be an epidemic. (Granted other conditions also can be the cause of these symptoms besides being psychically attacked.) Those that psychically attack others either do this consciously or subconsciously. Either way it is detrimental to your health, in all areas of your energetic being, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

How do I protect myself from this? First you need to become aware of which individuals deplete your energy and limit your contact with them. But simply not being in their physical presence does not stop them from draining you! Know that not all people attacking you are people that you know either! Secondly, you need to release all the negative emotions that you carry within yourself. If you hold anger, hurt, jealousy etc. inside your being, it is like you are shackled to a ball and chain, holding you hostage with your own creation! Releasing of all negative emotions brings freedom as fear is the robber of peace. Why must I do this? Because any disharmony in our four energetic bodies will cause us to be vulnerable, so that darkness and confusion can enter. Being aware of this is empowering. I stress this, do not go into fear now that you are aware of this. Simply take the steps to protect yourself. Darkness consists of anything that is of a lower/heavier vibration such as anger, fear, depression, jealousy, hatred etc. When angry thoughts are directed at you, they can penetrate your weak and vulnerable areas like arrows. What happens is they take away your clarity and fill you with confusion and drain your energy. Following are some tools to empower yourself from Psychic Vampires.

Here is a simple cord cutting exercise. Cord cutting should be done on a daily basis and much more often when we are going through a stressful period in our life. These cords should be cut from our loved ones as well. No cord attached to anyone or thing is good!

– Take some deep cleansing breaths. In through the nose and out through the mouth. Call upon Arch Angel Michael and ask him for his assistance in cutting all cords that are attached to your being. Visualize Michael swirling his sword around your entire being severing all the cords. Know that no cord can remain intact and they are returning to where they came from. When you feel Michael has completed this process, thank him for his assistance. It is done. Easy as that!

Here are some physical steps for purification.

– Burn all relevant photographs or objects holding memories of the person, place or situation.

– Write down all feelings of frustration, anger, hurt, fear, etc., and burn the paper, flush it down the toilet or bury it. Please don’t give it to the person! Repeat this step as often as necessary.

– Clear all the clutter from every room of your home. Rule of thumb. If you haven’t used in 6 months it’s not likely you will! Get rid of it.

– Clean and if necessary redecorate your home. Bringing nature indoors is wonderful energy!

– Check there are no books in your bookshelves or pictures on your walls that have negative energy. Surround yourself with high vibrational objects, spiritual books, spiritual pictures, plants, fresh flowers etc.

– Sprinkle holy water in all rooms starting at the center spiraling outwards.

– Smudge with sage, cedar and sweetgrass and invoke the help of God, the Ascended Masters, the Great White Brother and Sisterhood, the Archangels and Angels, your Higherself and I AM Presence.

– Play sacred music and sing, chant OM or say The Lord’s Prayer.

– Cleanse and purify your crystals and dedicate them to the Light.

– Light candles and use high vibrational pure essential oils.

You now have the tools and knowledge to take back your personal power. I invite you to empower yourself today!

The 17 Stages of Psychic Development

The following stages will help to show you how close you are to ‘flicking on the light switch’ and waking up from Gergef’s ‘sleeping man’. The stages do not necessarily happen in any particular order, they are not set in stone and you may experience several at a time. The following order does however reflect the order of the experience of many on the journey and there does seem to be a systematic approach to the development process. Some people will go through all of them, others one or two. Overall however, you will develop at a pace that is exactly right for you.

Many of the stages are associated with the fusing of the emotional, energy body and the spiritual body, which is a vital underlying part of the development process.

1. Life Crisis

This stage does not necessarily have to happen to everyone on the psychic path if they take notice of the pebbles at an early stage. However, the move towards wishing to develop on a psychic level is often preceded by a life drama. This can be anything from a confused childhood to a recent divorce.

2. Heightened Awareness

This is when you start to see things out of the corner of your eye. This can also start with seeing ‘blobs’ of colour or swirling energies. For others it will be the beginning of hearing messages in your mind, vivid dreams, premonitions, and thinking you are either going mad or the mind is playing tricks. Often people ignore the pebbles here, and dismiss what their heightened senses are trying to tell them.

3. Hyper Sensitivity

Becoming more sensitive to criticism and other people’s views. At this stage you begin to know that you have the ability to feel other people’s feelings. Confusion and a sense of, ‘am I normal’ prevails at this stage.

4. Searching

The search for material that explains the strange experiences begins. This is often done quietly through fear of ridicule. Also a strong desire to find ‘like-minded’ individuals begins. It is at this stage you start to really question your sanity! This is the point of no return. From this stage forward you will spend your life searching for answers to life’s questions. There may be rests in between but you will always be curious. It becomes like an itch you can’t scratch.

5. Starting to stand up for yourself

Beware! The meek will suddenly start standing up for themselves and will not take any nonsense. This may be short term as it is only the start. A strong foundation has not yet been constructed but the wheels will have been set in motion.

6. Feeling alone / misunderstood

At this stage the developing psychic has usually found material to partially explain their interest and people of a like-minded nature. Unfortunately at this stage, those often closest to the person will want to destroy their partner’s / friend’s new interest because they feel (but will not admit it) threatened by the new ‘hobby’. The psychic will often be taken aside by a ‘concerned’ relative about how they are getting into an occult or being brainwashed, and how it is all mumbo jumbo. If you do not have this stage you are very lucky!!

This leads to a very confused psychic. Is it wrong to continue? What should I do? Am I mad? Usually the decision is to carry on quietly and not share the newfound knowledge with your immediate peers.

7. I can’t do it

Feelings of insecurity surface very well at this stage. The developing psychic sees others moving at a faster speed. They can’t work out how to speed their own progress but become increasingly disheartened because of the speed their psychic peers are moving at around them. For some the opposite may happen, this will be they feel they are moving too quickly, frightened by the experience and wanting to slow it down or shut it off because the responsibility feels overwhelming.

Imagine waking up into a strange and unknown world to you. If you are one of the lucky few who would be extremely curious and would enjoy waking up in the unfamiliar, the unfamiliar would appear a daunting place until you had got used to it. For many, they begin to wake up in this new world, they try to deny themselves the fact they are waking up somewhere different in the hope things can stay the same, the familiar and well-known, ‘comfort zone’. This will continue until the developing psychic is no longer scared and wishes to embrace the ‘new world’ they are waking up to – this can take some while.

We have all at some point in our life feared change. The trick in overcoming the fear of change is to take a moment to fast forward life to how it will be if we remain the same. Life cannot change unless we change, merely hoping it will change leads to disappointment. In your mind, fast forward your life to how it will be once change has happened. You will soon see change is an exciting option!

8. Wanting silence / to be alone

The senses are still sharpening, as they are doing so it is likely at this stage the developing psychic becomes very sensitive to loud noises, they may find they can’t stand the radio playing or the sound of raised voices. Often they will want to be in open space or feel a strong need to be in the countryside. An increased wish to spend periods alone contemplating or ‘staring out the kitchen window.’ Your body is telling you it wishes to meditate. During this stage it is necessary to find a regular quiet spot during the day to avoid irritability.

9. Realisation that your job / circumstances are not right for you

This is the beginning of learning to see the bricks!! Often people will wait until they are made redundant or sacked (the boulder) before they can see they have outgrown their job / circumstances / relationship or that their place of work or home does not match with their newfound awareness. This is often a horrid stage because it is about realising that your life has often been a compromise (not always) up until this point. The difficult bit is the courage to let go and move on.

Moving through this stage often becomes a stumbling block for most people and delays their development. This stage is about breaking away from the decisions ‘made for you’ in life and ‘what you have done to please another’. It is about breaking free of the career you chose because it pleased your parents, the relationship you stayed in for convenience or the job you do, for the money.

Probably the most important factor in choosing the psychic path and developing your skill to the best of your ability; is about authenticity. You cannot be a truly authentic psychic unless you are honest with yourself. Those who are not honest with themselves often fear the psychic path. Those who are honest with themselves embrace it!

10. Feeling abandoned

This part does not necessarily happen to everyone on the psychic path.

At this stage friends and family start to leave your life or they appear to be leaving. The developing psychic no longer feels connected to those they have been associating with for years. The structures of your life begin to disintegrate. Everything you thought to be real / are attached to, fall apart.

How depressing!! This is actually a fantastic stage, providing you make sure you stretch your view beyond the current situation. How do you repair a derelict building? Well you don’t! First you have to knock it down so that you build a new, stronger one in its place.

This stage is about seeing through any illusions. Through this stage we find what is real. Oh how we tell ourselves lies! We tell ourselves everything is fine when it’s not. We tell ourselves it’s awful when clearly it’s okay. When all is taken away from us we begin to understand the beauty of the Universe. We develop a great understanding of what is really important and learn how to deeply appreciate the small things in life. Trivia becomes trivia once this stage is complete. What seemed devastating doesn’t carry the same emotion it did previously.

Uncontrollable crying for no apparent reason is part of this stage. This is because the cells of the body are starting to throw off old memory, making way for the strong ability to see into your own and other people’s lives.

11. Increased ability

The psychic senses usually by this time are developing with a very good and firm foundation. The ability to ‘read’ people is often really quite strong by this stage.

12. De-tox

This stage for some people comes early on, for others it comes quite a bit later. If you are ignoring it a physical illness will often have to surface to show you (a boulder). The length of time you have been ignoring the necessity for this the heavier the physical illness.

At this stage it is time to clean up your body and if it has not happened already, your thoughts. As the ability to channel higher energies than your own, increases, it is vital the channel the energies are using, is a ‘clean’ one. If it is not, as does happen with a lot of psychic’s not very nice physical illness begins to occur. If you refuse to de-tox, the effect is a bit like stuffing a potato up an exhaust pipe.

To de-tox means fasting for a few days. There are many different fasts you can do, from only drinking water for a day or so, to eating brown rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner for up to ten days. Do a colon cleanse, eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat less sugar and meat. Minimise your caffeine intake. Stay away from low energy food such as takeaways and microwave meals. If you smoke, drink too much alcohol or are dependent on any form of drugs (legal or illegal) then either stop or get help to stop.

Please note, taking illegal drugs is a low energy practice; therefore not only detrimental to yourself but any person you may be reading for. Due to the fact it is a low energy act, you will attract low energy spirit, and you will not be able to sustain your energy at a high enough vibration to channel successfully. It would be too much of a jump from being low energy to channelling high energy. Long-term, people who do this will short circuit and the lights will blow!

13. Wanting to help everyone

This stage may sound as though it is a great place to be. In actual fact it isn’t. You can’t help anyone, only yourself, you can offer people a ‘leg-up’ not a ‘hold up’. If you try and drag a person along to a place within where they really do not want to be but you think it is best for them, stop it – leave them alone!! Focus on the ‘self’, your ‘self’. People are fine as they are, you only have the right to change yourself – leave them alone!

Those in your life however, may go along with it for a while to be polite. Just because you have started to find this new found knowledge you think the world should know, you will if you’re not careful, get the ‘nut case’ status within your family or circle of friends. You have no right to ram things down the throat of others. If they are interested they will ask. If you do ram knowledge down people’s necks (there will be the temptation) be prepared because at some stage you will get your theories shot down by the ‘life is only what you can see’ sceptic. If / when you get to this stage, arguing will only be a waste of your energy. Accept and observe their views as they are, they’re entitled to them. You wouldn’t like your opinion shot down so it’s unfair to shoot at or back at theirs.

Usually at this stage the developing psychic with regard to this subject will not be hugely confident within himself or herself. You will know when you are, because you will not have a need to tell others how to be, and they will begin to have a deep respect for your interest in psychic development. It’s almost ironic in that respect.

This stage is a test of how true to yourself you are. Few people like to be ‘preached’ to on how they should live their life, so remember LEAVE THEM ALONE, no matter how much you can see they are heading along the wrong path. Offer advice ONLY if they ask! Avoid the, ‘told you so’ when they’ve made their mistake. Eventually they will ask you first for your psychic advice before they act (keep it impartial) when they have seen a few times, your predictions have been accurate. In the mean time, focus on continuing to develop yourself.

14. Know all

At this stage you ‘know it all’. The developing psychic becomes bored with the methods they are learning. Feel their group is holding them back; they have nothing more to learn. The belief starts to set in that they have experienced enough to move on and go it alone, away from their peers.

Some people lose friends in this stage and become seen as unapproachable, even if on hindsight they are seen to be all knowing. As this stage becomes more developed, the psychic gets to the stage of ‘the more you know the less you need to say’, eventually gaining great respect for their abilities as the need to preach disappears – a great place to be.

15. Clearing

This is the stage the fun really starts!! The clearing stage is when all the things you have never dealt with, or all the things you find frightening, begin to rear their head. Your very worst fears become realities and all your insecurities pound at you. The more you have ignored them in life, the more pronounced the way the Universe will show them to you for clearing. The way forward with this stage is to embrace and welcome the clearing stage, for this is what will really change your life for the better forever!

This stage usually involves a lot of crying and extreme’s of emotion. During this stage it is often best to stay with your present job and circumstances. The very roots of what you thought was stable will be shaken. It is often at this stage the developing psychic thinks they need to change the externals (Job, relationship etc) to make them happy. This is not the case, blaming these situations, as the source of your unhappiness will slow the process. Stick with ‘processing’ the feelings you are going through, only then change the externals if your feelings are still the same.

Depending on the developing psychic, this process can last some while and will happen in tandem with some of the other stages. During this process, the developing psychic will realise it is not a loner’s process and return to their peers within their development group for help and advice.

16. Breakthrough

After the clearing process (which can take a while) the psychic becomes exceptionally perceptive. They can ‘see’ what is going on within / for someone at a hundred paces. This is because anything that was in the way of opening up to a true state of being, has been removed during the clearing process. There is then nothing stopping you!!

The clearing stage is also necessary for the humbling of the psychic. The ore of the great Universal force humbles the psychic as the waking up process is in full swing. A deep appreciation of all that life represents happens at this stage.

The ability to manifest what you want in your life comes faster and faster, you begin to look younger, the mind becomes very quiet and the body becomes healthier.

Most people think earning lots of money or winning the lottery will make them happy. Getting to this point you will feel wealthy in the true sense of the word.

17. Power

The power stage is the one to be respected the most. It is at this point, many hit the ‘high stakes,’ becoming very good at their work – powerfully psychic.

This is the stage when people very much seek your assistance. It is the point of real challenge. This is when a person’s psychic abilities become so heightened they have to be very clear on which way it is channelled. This is why it is so important to also develop spiritually whilst on the psychic path.

It is at this point a psychic can channel energies that are powerful in helping people, but can also be used in a direction of power over others. It is the responsibility of the true psychic to do their best to never exert power over others. To be able to do this, you have to lose the attachment to what people do with their lives. It is not the psychic’s position to judge others or direct a person’s life; you are simply there to channel the highest source of information possible to allow a person to make an informed decision on the direction their life is taking.

The information received will only be to the same ‘level’ of the psychic. A highly developed guide will not channel through a medium of little knowledge. The same as a Solicitor will not discuss the technicalities of the law with a five year old.

Once through the main stages of the psychic path, life changes dramatically. Everything begins to slot pleasantly into place. Few things worry you, any fears are short-term and struggles with life become brief. The poverty mentality that most of us are afflicted with, begins to dissolve, we learn that there is enough of everything for everyone. Negative thoughts and feelings about others and us disappear, and helping others becomes natural.

Life becomes very fast, change is constant, rapid and welcome. There is a thirst and hunger for more knowledge and understanding of how life works. ‘Reading’ others becomes very simple with the ability to ‘dip’ in and out of the energy of those living and of those who have passed over happening at the flick of a mental switch with ease and little effort. Like tuning into a radio station you become the receiver and can switch on and off whenever you desire.

A desire to be comfortable in life increases, but the interest in material belongings diminishes. The increase in your own and other people’s wealth (in all areas of life) becomes the source of celebration. Jealous thoughts and actions are a thing of the past. Pleasure is had in accepting people as perfect exactly the way they are. Thus meaning, people do not have to change in order to please you. They are acceptable, as you are accepting of yourself.

This does however, mean it becomes easy to choose whom you wish to have in your life and those you wish to let go of. At this stage safety exists. The psychic learns that by letting go, not having to hold on tight, allows true progress of the self and others. It is likely by this point anything the psychic has held on tight to will have been lost. This may be in the form of material objects, family members, friends or partners. This takes place in order for the psychic to learn to let all energies be free and not judged for their physical manifestations. Things become an ‘interesting evolutionary process’ rather than a problem or terrible occurrence.

Then comes sharing and enfoldment – a spiritual process that remains unexplainable and private to the individual. The relationship with the Universal force (or God if you choose) attains wholeness.

From this point it does not mean it is the end. The psychic simply builds upon what is already learnt, matching with the principles that life is the same but different. It is different in the fact that skydiving is as interesting as cleaning the toilet. You may have heard of the saying “before enlightenment chop wood carry water – after enlightenment chop wood carry water.” Life on the outer world may not have changed; life on the inner world however, is far more pleasurable.

If as a developing psychic you feel you are not experiencing all the stages it does not mean you have failed. Every person’s experience is different. For some, part of their life purpose is to complete the full stages of the psychic journey, for others it is as purposeful to experience a few. Life is about experiencing; no one experience is more important than another. No matter what your experience of the psychic journey is, it is one hundred percent right for you at this stage in your life. The very fact you have found it, means your journey will be astounding.